Joshua McClure, MBA

Founder & CEO, Co-inventor, Board of Directors

RealMassive founder, USAF Academy
Joshua’s LinkedIn

None of the people I respect enjoy bragging about themselves. For me, that’s not a problem because the brilliance of people at MaxWell Biosciences constantly reminds me that I am the company’s least qualified individual within our field of endeavor.

My background is in information systems (“big data”). That is my focus for MaxWell. I use those tools to help our expert researchers discover molecules and reveal their importance in human biological information systems.

My passion is for creating major improvements to the human condition. The biggest improvement we can make today – right now – is to reverse the toxic pathology of age-related degeneration. If we can stop losing our most intelligent and experienced members – they will issue in the next era of mankind.

A personal fight with West Nile Virus focused me on making a difference in human health. Prior to that, my early career was more focused on helping the United States Air Force prevent the next 9-11, and leading tech teams in the private sector.

After graduation from the USAF Academy, I was stationed in a special program office at the USAF Electronic Systems Center in Concord, Massachusetts. I was able to get the USAF to pay for my education again, and obtained a Masters of Business Administration, from the University of Massachusetts. I resigned my commission to join the private sector while serving on the Air Intelligence Agency’s Information Warfare Battle Staff in San Antonio. I later founded some small tech companies which were successful enough to allow me to seed fund this company.


Annelise Barron, PhD

Co-inventor & Board of Directors

Professor of Bioengineering, Stanford University
Annelise’s LinkedIn

Dr Barron is a tenured Associate Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University, whose research focuses on the innate immune system and in particular, the molecular biophysics of host defense peptides such as LL-37, and developing novel mimics of the human body’s natural antimicrobial systems.

With her PhD from UC Berkeley in chemical engineering and postdoc at UCSF in pharmaceutical chemistry, she is working to invent novel therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as studying the mechanisms of disease. Her research delves deep into disorders of the innate immune system. She is currently an associate editor of Nature, Scientific Reports and Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

She is a member of Stanford’s Bio-X team. Bio-X is Stanford’s group of bioscience researchers, clinicians, physicists, and computational scientists working to unlock the secrets of the human body. She is also a member of Stanford’s Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute. You can read more about Dr Annelise Barron’s research at Stanford University here.



Irina Conboy, PhD

Co-inventor & Scientific Advisory Board

Professor of Bioengineering, University of California at Berkeley


Michael Conboy, PhD

Co-inventor & Scientific Advisory Board

Staff Scientist, University of California Berkeley
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David Harshfield, MD

Medical Advisory Board & Cellular Medicine Advisor

Board, American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine
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Investments and Donations

  • McClure Family
  • Haase Family
  • Barron Family
  • Ismail Family
  • Pittman Family
  • Gordon Family
  • Morgan Family
  • Eddings Family
  • Palmisano Family
  • Watt Family

Research Grants & Support

  • US National Institutes of Health
  • US Department of Energy
  • Northwestern University
  • Stanford – Barron Lab
  • Stanford – Shamloo Lab
  • Berkeley – Conboy Lab