Our Big Idea: Imagine The End of Herpes as We Know It

Our mission is to prove Maxwell's patented "peptoid" virucidal drug class is safe in humans. This world-first drug class irreversibly inactivates humanity's top threat - highly infectious pandemic viruses including the Herpes Virus. One in three people in the developed world test as infected with the Herpes Virus which has been shown to drive chronic syndromes like cold sores, eye infections, brain infections, and reproductive infections. Maxwell's novel and patented anti-infectives have been shown by multiple independent labs (including Stanford, NYU and others) to be rapid killers of the worst drug-resistant pathogens. These preclinical lab tests show Maxwell peptoids are highly selective for viruses over human cells, are biostable, effective at low doses, and rapidly and irreversibly inactivate viruses. The irreversibly nature of the treatment paired with our preclinical data showing safety in human tissues make it a potential game changing therapeutic. We are in preclinical stage now, preparing for human trials.

A Treatment for Viral Infections is Possible

Maxwell's disruptive new synthetic peptoid drug class is a functional mimic of the peptide used by all human immune cells to attack viruses - Human Cathelicidin Antimicrobial Peptide (LL-37). For over 500 million years, LL-37 has successfully defended mammals against viruses without allowing viruses to develop significant resistance. Mimicking LL-37, our peptoids irreversibly entangle the nucleic acids of the virus inactivating the virus's ability to multiply - the biological equivalent of injecting a sticky glue into the internal gears of a complex machine.

Peptoid Biomimetics Explained

Biomimicry is a proven approach to innovation in therapeutic drug development that simply mimics the natural functions of a healthy body. At Maxwell, we have invented and patented a new drug class we call "antimicrobial peptoids" - functional mimics of the human body's natural antimicrobial peptides, with added power, allowing our peptoids to fight super bugs longer and harder than any known natural peptide.

Antimicrobial Peptoid

Learn more about antimicrobial peptoids, set to potentially change the way we treat infections.