Maxwell engineers technologies designed to create health for the world, safely and affordably. We are currently focused on the diseases of aging including Frailty Syndrome, dementia of any cause, Alzheimer’s Disease, and have several candidate drugs and therapies which show promise in preclinical studies at Stanford and University of California Berkeley.

Heterochronic Optimized Plasma Exchange (H.O.P.E.) for Dementia, Aging Frailty and Alzheimer’s

The patent-pending therapeutic plasma exchange protocol that uses an optimized young plasma product currently in clinical trials to look for therapeutic benefit in Alzheimer’s. Read more to learn about how doctors are using heterochronic plasma exchange to treat dementia.


With the right artificial intelligence assisted MAP (Multifactorial Analysis and Plan) together we can prevent and reverse cognitive decline and optimize brain performance.


About MaxWell Brain.


Young Donor
Plasma Registry

Health Anonymous, a division of MaxWell Biosciences, is the world’s first and largest curated, young donor plasma registry. These unknown heroes enable MaxWell to pioneer novel therapies and empower the world to act on chronic health issues.