Prevention or reversal of dementia

Not only is the disease fatal—on par with heart disease and cancer in the US—but while the person lives they and their family loose bits and pieces of the self month by agonizing month.

Alzheimer’s is one type of dementia. De‑mentia literally means Un‑Braining. At MaxWell Brain we are very curious about the process of losing our mind and what we can do to prevent or reverse this condition.

It turns out Un‑Braining is caused by a multitude of causes. These causes may add together, or even multiply together to speed the loss of a functioning brain. Trauma, hormone depletion, insulin dysregulation, infections, vascular issues, stress, toxins and other factors contribute to the total load of degenerative forces which is responded to differently person-to-person depending upon unique genetics.

The MaxWell Brain MAP assists progressive physicians as they sort through the hundreds of potential contributors to Un-Braining. The tools the MAP provides support the doctor‑patient relationship and enables a personalized medicine program that is strategically created to address that patient’s most important opportunities for healing.

The protocol can be adapted to primarily address the prevention or reversal of dementia depending upon the circumstances.

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