MaxWell Brain is an answer to a need

Our brains are the center of all that is our awareness, our experience, and our very self. All of our concepts of the universe, meaning, and our ability to contribute, and serve are dependent upon our brain function.

The quest for a better brain for ourselves, our loved ones, our soldiers, and our patients birthed the technology and personalized medicine platform that has become MaxWell Brain.

A service of MaxWell Biosciences, a Public Benefit Corporation, the MaxWell Brain MAP is designed to make practical the integration of complex data to inspire and better enable human health.

MaxWell Brain MAP is in no way a substitute for excellent medical care, rather it is a tool for the most progressive physicians to utilize to deepen the doctor-patient relationship and provide even higher levels of value for their patients.

Our Chief Medical Officer, David Haase, MD has brought his 20 years of experience in brain-centric conventional, integrative and applied systems medicine to this work. His deep belief that “We are smarter than Me” brought forth the MaxWell BrainTrust. The BrainTrust is a team of world experts in human functioning that continuously give clinical, scientific, and practice flow input to improve our protocols and improve our results.

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