The human brain is the most complex
structure in the known universe.

We now know it has tremendous capacity for healing and optimizing itself for higher performance.
Science also now recognizes it is unrealistic and ineffective to think a system this complex will be ’fixed‘ by a single drug, a simple intervention, or a one-size-fits-all approach.
The MaxWell Brain MAP (Multifactorial Analysis and Plan) enables a Applied Systems Medicine™ approach to reversing cognitive decline and improving brain function.
Using artificial intelligence assisted technology, the MAP accumulates thousands of laboratory, imaging, and lifestyle data points, analyzes the information through the lens of Applied Systems Medicine™ and prioritizes complex treatment options according to the probability of benefit for that individual.
The MAP is here to assist progressive physicians in the daunting task of personalizing care plans for these most complex of patients.

Alzheimer’s is a terminal diagnosis with no available FDA approved treatment for disease's degenerative dementia.

Not only is the disease fatal - on par with heart disease and cancer in the US - but while the person lives the dementia causes the family to lose bits and pieces of the self month by agonizing month.

Alzheimer’s is one type of dementia. De‑mentia literally means Un‑Braining. MaxWell Brain helps physicians do what we can do to prevent or reverse this condition.

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Prevention or reversal of dementia.

The MaxWell Brain MAP assists progressive physicians as they sort through the hundreds of potential contributors to Un-Braining. The tools the MAP provides support the doctor‑patient relationship and enables a personalized medicine program that is strategically created to address that patient’s most important opportunities for healing.

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Optimizing brain performance.

The MaxWell Brain MAP provides a system for progressive physicians to organize the complex data that is needed to understand the underlying causes of mild to severe brain dysfunction and open the door to tools for optimized cognitive performance.

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MaxWell Brain is an answer to a need.

Our brains are the center of all that is our awareness, our experience, and our very self. All of our concepts of the universe, meaning, and our ability to contribute, and serve are dependent upon our brain function.

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Computational Systems Medicine

Systems medicine combines biochemical, physiological, and environmental indicators to analyze the health of an organism. With the help of carefully trained algorithms, computational systems medicine assists doctors and physicians in identifying treatments for achieving optimal health.

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