The Heterochronic Optimized Plasma Exchange (HOPE ™) Trial

Over 100 years of Alzheimer’s research into small molecule drugs has yielded no effective therapy – a waste of precious lives and resources.

Similar to the AIDS solution, HOPE is a multi-therapy using a personalized cocktail – unique to each patient’s pathology and genetics. The solution includes:

  1. Therapeutic plasma exchange to remove toxic aged plasma, replaced with
  2. Curated youth factor plasma, to be submitted to the FDA as a drug for this treatable subset of the Alzheimer’s population
  3. Computationally personalized factors (CPF)

Computationally Personalized Factors (CPF)
By using the MaxWell Brain™ MAP (MAP= Multifactorial Analysis and Plan) software, physicians are assisted in sorting the tens of thousands of data points that describe human neurologic function to prioritize the application of multi-therapies which are devised to help that unique individual. This personalized approach has shown great promise for slowing, stopping, or even reversing neurocognitive decline.

SoldareX™ – An Optimized, Curated Plasma Product
MaxWell scientists and physicians have developed a patent-pending plasma exchange protocol in which the patient’s plasma is removed for study and replaced with an optimized plasma product which will be submitted to the FDA as a new Alzheimer’s biologic drug. The new biologic, SoldareX™, is collected from a curated, young donor registry and manufactured via an FDA approved manufacturing process to remove microbes, HLA antibodies, and prions while maintaining appropriate levels of proteins, protease inhibitors and coagulation factors.

HOPE – A New Interventional Approach to Dementia
The combined therapy will be studied in the HOPE for Alzheimer’s trial, scheduled for 2019. We have identified a subset of Alzheimer’s dementia that may be treatable with Heterochronic Optimized Plasma exchange and it may also be therapeutic for other chronic, multi-organ degenerative conditions. HOPE is an intensive multi-week protocol which includes all of the above in addition to targeted metabolic, pharmaceutical, and biologic therapies, individualized brain stimulation, neuro-therapy, a controlled diet and lifestyle coaching.