About Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a complex, systemic disease that is difficult or impossible to treat to due to lack of a single cause. A large body of work shows that Alzheimer’s and other age-related cognitive impairment is related to several causes which are personalized to each patient. These various causes impact cognitive performance separately, and have an entourage effect leading to immunosenescence, accelerated aging and death.

The Heterochronic Optimized Plasma Exchange (HOPE ™) Trial

The solution is a personalized multi-therapy – unique to each patient’s pathology and genetics. The solution includes:

  1. Therapeutic plasma exchange to remove toxic aged plasma, replaced with
  2. Curated youth factor plasma, and
  3. Personalized trophic factors

Using the MaxWell Brain ™ MAP (Multifactorial Analysis and Plan) software created by David Haase, this therapy has shown extraordinary results in Alzheimer’s patients, with 198 Alzheimer’s patients showing reversal of cognitive decline.

MaxWell scientists and physicians have developed a patent-pending plasma exchange protocol in which the patient’s plasma is removed for study and replaced with a contract manufactured and optimized plasma product which will be submitted to the FDA as a new Alzheimer’s biologic drug. The new biologic, code named PlasmaX, is collected from a curated, young donor registry and fractionated via an FDA approved manufacturing process to remove microbes, cellular material, HLA antibodies, blood type markers and prions while maintaining appropriate levels of proteins, protease inhibitors and coagulation factors.

The combined therapy will be studied in the HOPE for Alzheimer’s trial, scheduled for 2018. We expect HOPE to be therapeutic for Alzheimer’s as well as other chronic, degenerative conditions. HOPE is an intensive six week protocol which includes all of the above in addition to heavy metal chelation, a controlled diet and lifestyle coaching.