2003 – 2015

David Haase, MD, transitions from medical practice at the Mayo Clinic to launch MaxWell Clinic with the mission “to create health, one patient at a time.” MaxWell Clinic eventually becomes the world leader in computational system medicine – a computational approach to brain performance optimization – utilizing computational neurofunctional assessments, brain-computer interface neurotherapy, genomics, metabolomics.

Multiple key patents issued to Annelise Barron, PhD, funded by US Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health, NorthWestern University and Stanford University.


Tech entrepreneur Joshua McClure launches Health Anonymous, a Public Benefit Company with a public benefit statement “to create health for the world, safely and affordably.”

HealthAnon seed investment round is fully funded within weeks.

HealthAnon begins development of deep learning software to deeply analyze biophysics of human biology, later called “MaxWell Brain.”


Stanford University bioengineering professor, Dr Annelise Barron, PhD, joins HealthAnon board of directors and assigns patent portfolio intellectual property rights to company.


HealthAnon successfully secures exclusive rights to patented key innate immune system mimetics.

HealthAnon successfully launches world’s first young blood donor registry.

Dr Haase assigns MaxWell Clinic intellectual property rights to HealthAnon, joins the board of directors and takes executive role of Chief Medical Officer.

HealthAnon biosciences team rebrands to MaxWell Biosciences.

MaxWell collaborates with University of California Berkeley and The Doctors Hospital in Bahamas to investigate a new medical procedure, later called Heterochronic Optimized Plasma Exchange (HOPE).


With approval of “Heterochronic Optimized Plasma Exchange (HOPE) for Alzheimer’s Disease” by The National Ethics Committee – Bahamas national IRB, MaxWell is first company, world-wide, to have a medical procedure approved by a national government to treat Alzheimer’s Disease.

MaxWell successfully secures exclusive rights to intellectual property associated with heterochronic plasma exchange for the treatment of age-related degenerative diseases.

McClure co-invents gene modulation therapy with Stanford University bioengineering and neurology research teams – a new polytherapy designed to treat Alzheimer’s Disease via altered gene expression of key innate immune system peptides.


MaxWell’s Heterochronic Optimized Plasma Exchange (HOPE) for Alzheimer’s clinical launch in Bahamas is set for 2019.

MaxWell’s US FDA clinical trials set to begin in 2019 for a new kind of regenerative blood plasma – a so-called “living drug.”


MaxWell Biosciences is dedicated to creating health for the world, safely and affordably. MaxWell Clinic, our sister organization, creates health one patient at a time. Our shared mission is to create health, not just fight disease. We leverage computational systems to create new bio technologies designed to optimize systemic performance and health span to reverse degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other age-related disorders.